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Looking to increase your revenue by reaching a larger market?

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We provide premium services at an affordable cost. We are committed to working closely with each client, listening attentively to their needs and goals to ensure their ultimate satisfaction. We provide services in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Management, E-mail Marketing Campaigns and even Video Marketing. Our experienced internet marketing experts, who have consistently found success in those areas, work personally with each client to deliver the best results possible. We believe in crafting internet marketing strategies around your business’ values, objectives, and goals. We set the bar high yet always find a way to surpass our own and our client’s expectations.


We understand that as a business owner, you strive to build up a high number of website visitors, social media fans, leads, sales, while ranking in the top spot in the major search engines. As internet marketing experts, we know the secrets that will drive more customers to your websites, more fans and engagement on your social networks, more leads in your e-mail campaigns.



The best part of partnering with DantechIT for your internet marketing services is that we know the ultimate secret to convert browsers into buyers. We lure your customers to your website with captivating headlines and we convert them into becoming your best customers with attention grabbing call-to-actions.

If your business is currently struggling to drive traffic to your website or growing your e-mail newsletter list, DantechIT can help you today.


Why You’ll Love Our Services:


• Best Internet Marketing Strategies: We develop the perfect strategy for your business’ specific needs to deliver results quickly that have long-term benefits. We can skyrocket your sales, leads and social following by focusing on converting your target audience. We are familiar with the different avenues to promote business’ online.


• Perfect Balance: They don’t call us internet marketing experts for no reason. We have developed an innovative method which allows us to maximize your business’ potential. From organic SEO to attention-grabbing copywriting to ethical internet marketing strategies, we have mastered the art of rank and conversion.


• Customized Plan of Action: We work with each client and provide him or her with a plan catered to their specific business’ needs. We don’t have generic plans that we use with other businesses. When you tell us your needs, we help you develop a strategy to meet those needs. We also can customize your plan based on your budget.


• Increase Conversions: At the end of the day, the point of having a business is to make money. Increasing your revenue, while minimizing your costs will always be an important part of running a profitable business. We can guarantee that we’ll increase your sales, leads and social following. We understand how important seeing drastic results is for you and we just want you to know that we have the team of experts who are ready for any obstacle and challenge you throw our way.




Local Internet Marketing

Do you have a local business but no internet presence? When people search sites like Yelp, YP, Google Places or Foursquare, will they see your business? If not, you are losing tons of potential business! Local SEO and Internet Marketing services

A lot of business owners put these tasks off because it is time consuming and tedious to create and maintain all of these listings. Our local internet marketing team will do these tasks for you and upon completion, send a report of what has been done and where.


Looking to increase your revenue by reaching a larger market?

Call us now at (630) 286-9233 to get the recognition that your business deserves!





SEO Services



Our team of SEO consultants have repeatedly proven that they can outrank any competitor in the search engines (i.e. Google, youtube) using effective, up-to-date methods. Many competing companies claim to offer premium SEO services yet continue using dated methods. We are constantly aware of any algorithm changes to ensure that your website maintains its ranking on a long-term basis.

Our SEO packages include every aspect to help you build website authority while ranking on the first page of Google. We begin our process of providing you with the best SEO by doing keyword research. We use some of the best paid tools to narrow down the best keywords to build your rank and reach the most customers. We are able to find low competition keywords with a high search volume to help your business dominate your keywords. We then focus on crafting content around your target keywords by building more pages and adding blog posts.

By focusing on building a content based website your business will see more sales, leads and conversions than ever before. From meta descriptions to meta tags, we have mastered SEO to ensure your business’ success. We also help your business grow its authority by building organic backlinks from relevant niche websites.

Our white hat SEO methods will ensure that your website is never penalized by Google. We provide you with unique content, organic backlinks and match you with the best keywords to ensure that you receive the best SEO services.


Our SEO Services Include:

• Keyword Research: We can help you rank for any keyword you’d prefer. We’ll also provide you with suggestions on keywords that will be easy for you to dominant quickly. This will allow you to grow your customer base at a faster rate.


• Content Building: We guarantee unique content. We understand that Google will penalize websites with duplicate content. We focus on creating content that helps you rank in the search engines while also catering to your customer base to encourage more social shares of your pages. The two-step content building process involves a combination of ranking for search engines while focusing on customer conversions. We guarantee that our copy will also encourage more sales, leads and shares.


• Backlinks: We believe in building relationships with relevant niche websites to help your website build authority. Backlinks are Google’s proof that your content is being quoted or shared on other websites. By having more relevant websites share your link, your website will rank higher in the search engines.


• Analytic Reporting: You will get periodic analytic reports that show where you are ranked, how many visitors have come to your website, and we also report what has been done in order to increase traffic flow to your site.


Why You’ll Love our SEO Packages and SEO Services:

• White Hat Method: Many websites will offer customers cheap SEO services. However, the methods used are typically black hat and can have your website blacklisted by Google. We provide the best SEO services by ensuring that ethical methods are used to help you rank in the search engines. We focus on building your website’s growth organically.


• Rank in Google: Our clients are always on the first page of Google, if not the top three for their keywords. We focus on building up all aspects of our SEO strategy for your business. By selecting the best keywords, creating a content-based website and building organic backlinks from relevant websites, your website will outrank your competitors. We provide complete SEO services to guarantee that you stay right at the top, where your business belongs.


• Increase Your Website Traffic: Studies show that content-based websites have more visitors and sales than static websites. By creating blog posts regularly, adding more content targeting specific keywords and writing content in a way that entertains or informs your customer, your business is guarantee to see a spike in web traffic. By capturing the attention of more customers, you’ll be able to skyrocket your sales like you’ve always imagined.


When people search for your services on search engines, does your website appear at the top of the results?

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Adwords and Facebook ads are huge for online businesses right now. Advertising your product or business online can be extremely beneficial and profitable if it is done right. Our team consists of experienced PPC campaign managers that will help you achieve low PPC rates while maintaining a high return on investment for your ad campaigns on any platform.


We understand how to take a product or business in virtually any niche and properly market it online to the correct audience.


If you want to achieve lower price per click rates than ever before while driving a lot of traffic to your offer or website from your ads, then let a PPC campaign manager from DantechIT run your online marketing campaign.


We will work with any PPC advertising platform but we realize that Google Adwords is likely the most popular and desired by our clients. We will manage your Adwords account and using our background in internet marketing, target the appropriate keywords for your campaign that will allow for the best PPC rate possible in your niche without sacrificing a high search volume and traffic to your website or offer.


Why go through the hassle and waste time experimenting with all of your different ads and campaigns when you can allow a professional to do it for you and save you time and money? We understand exactly how to create the perfect ad that has the lowest price per click while staying within the terms of use and service for big websites like Google and Facebook. We have vast experience with different niches and products creating effective, attractive and efficient ads. We will create and manage your ad campaign for you while you sit back and run your business and see your return on invest improve. Just give us some insight on your goals and what you expect with your advertising campaign and we will work towards crafting the best PPC ad campaign possible for you or your business.


No more tinkering with ads or getting your ads blocked or unapproved. We have a formula that just plain works when it comes to creating and managing PPC ads and that is why so many people come back to us as their number one and favorite PPC campaign manager. Our results speak for themselves!


If you’ve never outsourced your ad campaign managing to someone else, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. You can be assured that your privacy and information is safe and secure with us. We respect everyone’s privacy wishes and all account information is secure so that you can let us manage your PPC campaign without you needing to stress about how safe your information is. If you have any questions or concerns as to how we go about managing your PPC campaign, just contact us!


We follow and abide by the TOS of all PPC advertising platforms so you don’t have to spend the time reading them and trying to abide by them, as well as having to worry about whether or not we violate any TOS and risk your account. Your account and security is as important to us as it is to you! We understand all of your concerns and that is why we work with you so that you are left with peace of mind.


We also make it easy for you to track how successful our PPC campaigns are and how they are working for you. We want to ensure that you are seeing a positive ROI and we will advise you, when necessary, whenever a component of your website or offer can be improved in order to improve the effectiveness and success of our PPC ad campaign for you!



Would you like to get the most out of your PPC campaign?

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Social Media Management

DantechIT prides itself in being the top social media managers. We believe in fostering an inclusive online community with your customer base by providing a fun experience through social networks. While many social media management companies buy fake fans and comments to give you a false sense of engagement, we take pride in our ability to create entertaining posts that people need to comment on…. right now!


With each client we create a unique social media plan. We listen attentively to your business’ needs to help you build up or maintain active social networks that your customers love. Our social media managers will help you build your fan base through a combination of social advertising and viral content. We have created countless social ads and have learned the industry secrets that help increase social follows and likes to help your build your social credibility.


When it comes to creating engaging content, our social media managers know how to thoroughly execute a well thought out social media plan. We focus on building relationships with fans by responding to comments positively. We are experts at maintaining your business’ positive reputation. We create posts that provide customers with value. Whether posts are meant to make them laugh or teach them a new skill, we always ensure that each post has been carefully crafted to ensure a high engagement response.


Six Reasons Why You’ll Love our Social Media Services:

1. Nearly everyone uses at least one social network. Whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr or some other social network, your customers are online. There are 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users alone. Businesses should always make use of being where their customers are to help grow their customer base.


2. Social media allows your business to show off its personality. By creating engaging content on a daily basis, your customers will be able to see your business as a friend instead of as a corporate entity. By maintaining that two way relationship your customers get to know your business better while you get to learn more about them too. The more you learn about your customers, the more you can cater your business to meet their specific needs.


3. Create brand awareness. Whether your business is just starting out or not, you can grow your brand’s awareness by being active on social media. Regular engaging posts can help grow your business’ online presence. Businesses, who don’t engage in social media, are almost always considered non-existent.


4. Social media management is an affordable marketing solution. Our social media managers can cost-effectively promote your business on social media for a fraction of the cost of a paid advertisement on television—and you get to reach even more people!

5. Gain access to detailed analytics. Social media management companies can’t compete with the amount of data we share with our clients. We provide our clients with detailed data about their online social fans to better understand how to build your business around their needs. You’ll learn their age, gender, location and more to help you better gauge who your real target audience is.


6. We provide a detailed social media plan. We treat each business differently and create the perfect plan around their target audience and needs. Our social media managers are experienced at crafting unique content that appeals to different audiences.



Social Media is a great way to get inexpensive traffic. If you aren’t taking advantage, you’re losing out!

Call us now at (630) 286-9233 and let us manage all of your social media and business directory sites!





E-Mail Campaigns

Our e-mail campaign managers are experts in e-mail advertising. We take our copywriting seriously and ensure that we craft effective e-mails that never result in unsubscribers. With years of experience under our belt, we understand e-mail marketing campaign management from the lead all the way to the inbox.


We believe in creating effective call-to-actions to generate a higher than average e-mail newsletter signup. We work personably with clients to ensure that their website is currently optimized to effectively attract more e-mail leads. We are committed to running a series of split testing campaigns to ensure that colors and size are optimal for your website.


Our e-mail campaign managers then craft e-mail advertising that attracts readers to open. We know which days of the week typically have the most open rates to better your odds of sales conversions. We use the leading software to distribute your e-mail advertising to your customers ensuring that we never violate any laws or terms of service.


Our e-mail campaign managers are proven copywriters with experience in the e-mail advertising industry. They use effective call-to-actions to craft email advertising that resonates with your customers. Using a combination of innovative techniques, our expert e-mail campaign managers have repeatedly proven that they can convert customers with their copy, catchy headlines and personable e-mails.


By creating pieces that provide your customers with value, we guarantee a high customer satisfaction rate which will turn into a long-term relationship. We believe in providing customers with e-mails they’ll be excited to open every time they receive it.


Why You’ll Love our E-mail Marketing Management Company:


• Increase Leads: Our effective call to actions has repeatedly proven to increase the number of leads. Since every website is designed differently, we create call to actions that capture attention for that particular website. We know what size, color and location the call to action needs to be in to capture the highest percentage of leads.


• Increase Open Rates: Our expert e-mail campaign managers have the experience writing e-mail advertising headlines that drastically increase open rates. Using variety of techniques, we have formulated a specific method to guarantee that your e-mail is opened to help convert customers.


• Increase Sales: Our experienced e-mail campaign managers have developed their sales copywriting skills to ensure that customers purchase your product or service. We have the ability to drive people to action with our effective sales copywriting.


• Decrease Unsubscribe Rates: Our e-mail campaign managers are trained in providing value to your business’ customers when crafting e-mails. They also know how often to send e-mails out to minimize unsubscribe rates.


Let’s craft your first e-mail advertisement now!


 New to the world of E-mail marketing?

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Video Marketing

DantechIT provides video marketing services that’ll help make your next video a viral success. If you’re looking to create a video that wows your customers and creates more brand awareness, our team of creative experts can help craft a video that captures the world’s attention.


We tell your business’ story in a way that inspires, captivates or moves your audience. Whether you’re looking for promotional videos, website welcome videos, testimonials, or how-to videos, we provide your business with video marketing services that create a positive first impression with new customers.


By having a professional video production done with the best technology in the video marketing industry, we guarantee that your video will position your business as one that customers can trust and fall in love with, over and over again.


We provide YouTube video marketing services to help you reach the 1 billion people who visit the website each month. Our goal is to work with you to craft a video that is seen by your target audience through effective viral video marketing tactics. Whether your goal is to make a YouTube visitor laugh, teach them how to do something, inform them of your brand or share an important message with them, we adapt to any style of video. Our creative team is overflowing with creative ideas every second to share your message with the world in a way that grabs a viewer’s attention. The goal is to have people share your video and watch it over again.


We are meticulous during our planning stage of crafting your viral video. We ensure that we work out any issues well in advance to minimize costs. We have backup plans for everything to ensure that production goes off without a hitch. We’ll ease your mind by taking care of every detail. When its time to produce the video, our team has repeatedly proven to be able to stay on schedule to minimize additional costs to complete the video by the required timeline.


By providing you with the best video marketing services we ensure that your business will be well represented. After all, if your business succeeds after video launch then our business succeeds too. We want to help you achieve your video goals just as badly as you do.


Why You’ll Love our Video Marketing Services:

• Chance to Go Viral: Our viral video marketing services are focused on making your new video a viral success. We craft unique ideas that haven’t been done that’ll capture attention. Have your new video seen by potentially millions of people who can’t help but share and re-watch your video.


• High Quality Production: We use state-of-the-art equipment to produce the highest quality video. We uphold high standards of video quality and strive to make each scene to look flawless. We’ll create a professional produced video that you’ll be proud to show friends, family, investors, employees and even your local barista.


• Creative Overflow: We only hire the most creative people to create a unique piece that captures attention quickly. We have team members with different personalities and styles to create a unique well-rounded piece. Whether you’re looking to make someone laugh or cry, our team is experienced at arousing any desired emotion to make you video a smashing hit.


• YouTube Star: Our YouTube video marketing services are some of the best in the industry. We’ve helped businesses achieve YouTube success by increasing their views and likes. We’ve also helped clients achieve their dream of becoming a YouTube star. We have an expert understanding on how to create a successful YouTube video with our years of experience.


Video Marketing is one of the very best ways to obtain all types of traffic.

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