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Our Web team can help you acquire the web traffic that so crucial to your business.

We specialize in website design for small businesses and startups and we will create a website based on your business’ specific needs. Whether you need to create a website from scratch or you’d like to redesign your current website, we guarantee a quality website design for each of our customers. We uphold the highest standards for our service and our work.

We understand how important a website is for your small business or startup to help increase your sales conversions and portray your brand in a positive light. Our innovative website designs have been created for some of the today’s leading brands and the brands of tomorrow. We believe in providing the same high level of service whether you’re an established brand or a startup.


Why You’ll Love Our Website Designs:


  • Quality Website Design: We uphold the highest standards in a rapidly growing online community. We focus on creating bug free websites to prevent any future issues from occurring.

  • Exceptional Customer Service: We work with each client to create a website with their specific needs in mind. We work closely with each customer ensuring that they are satisfied with the final product.

  • Business-Driven: We provide our customers with the most professional website designs from photos to copywriting. Whether it’s a website for small businesses or a website for startups, we always guarantee that the website will be representative of your brand.

  • Innovation: When we create a website, we focus on how it’ll stand out in a crowded webosphere. As an innovative company, we provide our customers with the designs of tomorrow instead of today. Our team of experts create website designs that meet your needs but also hook in your customers to create a lasting relationship.


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e-Commerce Websites

We create innovative e-Commerce websites. Many retailers are looking to increase their revenue by reaching a larger market. We can help you build a sales site to increase your profits, increase your customer base and increase your savings.


An e-Commerce site is a more cost-effective way to run a retail store without having to open a physical location. Store owners are burdened with high property rent, high employee costs and high employee turnover. By creating shopping websites, you drastically cut costs.


We provide businesses with websites that increase conversions better than an employee at a retail store ever could. We create clean and sleek designs that position your business as a premium brand. We can build a sales site that allows customers to add multiple items to their cart. Our team of experts can create a safe shopping experience for your customers by ensuring that your website has the latest security features. Your e-Commerce store allows customers to leave reviews about their favorite products allowing you to better understand which items are most popular.


The best part about owning an e-Commerce website is that you get to connect with shoppers 24/7. Shoppers can purchase products from your website at anytime of day compared to retail locations, which close early. You can wake up in the morning and see how many orders you’ve received while you slept.


Why You’ll Love Our e-Commerce Sites:

• Innovative design: We work closely with businesses to help create an e-Commerce site that meets all of their needs while also meeting the needs of their customer base. We are experienced in both graphic design and programming to create beautiful websites that function efficiently. We can customize your website and add unique features that no other online store has.


• Ranks in Search Engines: Our website designs are built with search engine optimization in mind. Our clients own multiple shopping websites and ranking their products in the search engine is pivotal for the success of their business. With revolutionary designs, we create websites that rank in search engines like Google to bring you more customers than ever before.


• Security Features: The most important feature on an e-Commerce site is the security component. When customers share their credit card information online, they want to be assured that their transaction is safe online. We ensure that your premium e-Commerce site is equipped with the latest security features to ensure your customer’s confidence with your website.


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Mobile Websites

DantechIT specializes in innovative, easy to use mobile websites. We provide each customer with the best mobile site design. We have been programming sleek websites that can be viewed on a smart phone for several years. By creating a responsive website for your business, visitors can view your website on desktops, smart phones, and tablets. The best mobile site design features a drop down tab which allows visitors to obtain their information easily simply by scrolling up and down. Since mobile devices are narrower, the design is catered to allow visitors to access information in a tighter format without impacting the quality.


Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Website:

1. More people browse their phones through their mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) than through their desktop. These days people are always on the run, needing internet access everywhere they go. Considering how easy it is to keep your phone close by, people turn to their mobile devices in times of need. You’ll also increase the number of website visitors your site receives. When was the last time you left your house without your phone anyways?

2. Mobile websites have an easier to read design that allows your website to be viewed on a smaller screen. This allows your customer to get access to the important information they need to make a quick decision. By allowing your customer to buy your product through their phone, your business is one step closer to guaranteeing even more sales.

3. Competitors have mobile devices. By not having a mobile device, your customer will lose interest with your website as it is harder to navigate. When they go to search for a competing website, competitors with a mobile site will be able to get the sale you almost had.

4. Approximately 61% of mobile searches lead to an automatic phone call for businesses. Since people browse your site on their phones, they can easily click your business’ hyperlink phone number to call you immediately. Desktop websites don’t have the same power to do that!

5. Sixty percent of all searches are done through mobile phones. The goal of creating a mobile site is to allow a visitor to view your website on a smart phone, since that’s where most of their searches are done.


Why You’ll Love our Mobile Websites

• Responsive Layout: The benefit of having a mobile website is that the design is responsive. This allows website traffic to browse from any device from desktop to mobile. By creating a website that’s designed for maximum reach you’ll be able to connect with more customers than ever before.

• Sleek Design: We provide the best mobile site design by providing your business with a sleek online look. We maintain your website’s branding and create a mobile friendly version based off of the desktop version. Videos, animation and attention grabbing call to actions are still able to be accessed on mobile devices. Customers can still browse your online stores and are more likely to make any online purchase with our innovative mobile designs.

• Easy to Access: Improve customer satisfaction by creating a website that meets their needs. By allowing your customers to access your website’s content with ease, they’ll be more likely to return to your website regularly.

• Higher Conversions: Mobile websites are beginning to convert browsers into buyers at a much higher rate than desktop websites. People spend more time with their smart phones than ever before, allowing them to make quick impulse purchases instantly. By allowing people to view your website on a smart phone, you’re adding a new avenue allowing you to bring in more revenue.


Looking to increase your revenue by reaching a larger market?

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Graphic Design

DantechIT provides premium computer design and graphic design services. Our team is made up of some of the best graphic designers in the country. The creative geniuses on our team have created some of the most innovative designs the world has ever seen. We love creating art out of nothing. Whether you have a specific vision or you’re looking for us to supercharge our creative output, our passion for graphic design always shows in every piece.


Our team is made up of computer graphic artists who can handle everything from brochures to business cards to banners to graphics for your website. Each piece is custom designed specifically for your business. All you need to do is share with us your goal for the design piece and our team of the best graphic designers will create the magic in Photoshop.


We know how important it is for you to receive your graphic art promptly. Our computer graphics artist, will provide you with an estimated timeline to complete your project. We consistently have fast turnaround times while ensuring the integrity of the artwork. All of our work is done in house to provide you with the fastest service possible.


When it comes to our capabilities, we design pretty much anything. Examples include:


• Brochures • Business cards • Flyers • Website graphics • Social Media Graphics • Advertisements • Vehicle Wraps • Billboards • Book covers • Holiday cards • Catalogues • And more!


Why You’ll Love our Graphic Design Services:

• Best graphic designers: Our team of expert computer graphics artists has created some of the best graphics. We guarantee that you’ve seen at least some of our work in the past. Whether our graphic work has been seen on a brochure you’ve picked up or on your local city bus, we’ve created graphics that are hard to ignore.

• Unique Artwork: Each artwork is created specifically for each client. We never provide old, unused artwork to our clients. We provide custom artwork based on your business’ needs. We believe in helping you achieve your goals and meeting your objectives with every piece we create.

• Consistent Branding: We assure you that when we create a graphic design for your business that it will adhere to the standards of your current branding. We work closely with each client to ensure that each graphic is representative of the brand and upholds the highest level of quality.

• Multiple Revisions: We are happy to provide our customers with multiple revisions to ensure their satisfaction. We will make alterations as needed to create a piece that you love. Most of the time, we nail it the first time. After all, we listen attentively to all of your needs.


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Logo Design

DantechIT is a premium logo design company providing businesses with custom logo options. We have an expert team of professional logo designers who work with clients to determine what kind of image they are trying to portray with the artwork that represents their brand.


Your business’ logo will be seen on all of your marketing materials from your website to your business cards. You’ll be exposing thousands, if not millions of people, to your logo every day. When our logo designer works with you to create a custom logo, you’ll need to understand what your customers will feel when seeing it. Does the logo make the business seem powerful or vibrant? Does the logo stand out? Is the design innovative? Is it easy to understand what the graphic represents? These are all questions that one of our logo designers will work with you to help determine to create a custom logo that best reflects your business’ core values.


We believe in creating a logo design that is simple, timeless yet captures attention. Our logo designer has the experience to create the perfect logo with a combination of these elements. We’ve created countless logos for startups and established brands. Whether you’re looking to create your first logo or you’re changing your current branding, we can help design the best logo that suits your needs.


Our process is simple. We work closely with each client to determine what their vision is for their new logo. We will provide you with a draft for your review and will make revisions until you’re completely satisfied with the final piece.logobgsmall


Why You’ll Love our Logo Design Company:

• Premium custom logos: We provide each customer with a premium custom logo. We create each design from scratch based on the specific needs of each client. Our custom logos will stand the test of time while ensuring that customers are able to recognize the unique logo instantly. We strive to create logos as recognizable as the McDonald’s or Starbucks logo.

• Multiple Revisions Included: We believe in providing each client with the best custom logo. As a result, each logo designer is committed to working tirelessly to provide you with the exact logo you’re envisioning. We will revise your logo as needed until you are absolutely thrilled with the final result.

• Expert Logo Designer: We hire the best logo designers with years of experience. Designing a logo is different than your typically graphic design piece. Every aspect of the logo needs to be thought out and have significance to create a powerful piece that is recognizable and timeless. Our logo designers have created an extensive collection of logos for leading brands.


Is your business “recognizable”?

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